2022 iPhone

iPhone 14 Max: 2022 iPhone will bring big screen for the masses.

Ming-Chi Kuo who has been pretty accurate with Apple related predictions, recently released an investor note in which he said he expects that the 2022 iPhone models will come with a new revamped line-up.

Kuo suggested that an affordable 6.7” model that would cost less than $900 might be coming next year. This phone would not be in the Cupertino giant’s Pro line-up of smartphone but would be a normal iPhone Max (not a Pro Max).

Apple did try with a smaller phone with the iPhone 12 Mini which gained a lot of appreciation for its small and one-hand friendly size but sales were below expectations.

2022 iPhone

Apple might still make a Mini phone this year with its upcoming iPhone 12s Series but the fate of the Mini doesn’t seem so good.

We could expect the company to replace the now Mini iPhone with the 6.7” iPhone Max model that would lie in a price bracket between the regular iPhone and the iPhone Pro. Currently Apple’s only 6.7-inch phone is the iPhone 12 Pro Max that costs a premium.

Kuo also expects the 2022 iPhone models to include a under display TouchID, and the higher end/ Pro models will come with 48-megapixel wide camera.

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