Apple Car

Apple Car now has another big name from the auto industry working on it.

Apple Car
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Apple recently hired BMW’s former senior executive, Ulrich Kranz who had worked for BMW’s electric car division and built the i8 and i3 cars for BMW. At Apple, Ulrich will be working on the Project Titan a.k.a the Apple Car.

Steve Jobs always wanted to make the Apple Car, since before the iPhone was released. The project got its proper beginning in 2014 under the code name Project Titan. This project has had several backlashes in the past but new hires in the automotive industry by apple suggest that Apple is more confident than ever regarding the car.

Kranz had been the senior vice-president of the team that worked on the BMW i3 and i7, he then worked at BMW’s Mini division working on sports cars. Kranz left BMW in 2016 to join Faraday Future where he worked on other electric car projects. He left Faraday Future within three months and co-founded Canoo another electric vehicle startup, which later was discussed to be sold to Apple and other companies.

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Apple executives have been visiting BMW offices on multiple occasions since 2014 and it is a known fact that Apple has been working with BMW allowing BMW to integrate various Apple services in its cars.

In recent years Apple has filed multiple patents regarding Apple Car. Project Titan is still in the early stages and at least 5 years are expected until we see the Apple Car on the roads.

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