TSMC Apple Modem

Apple’s mind-blowing custom built 5G modem to be built by TSMC.

Apple has been trying for several years now to shift away from Qualcomm to custom built modems. They also bought Intel’s modem division back in 2019 to get started with the development of the custom built 5G Apple modem. 

Apple Inc has always tried to have the complete vertical control over their devices from the processor to the software. This gives the company a greater control over their product cycle and reduced the dependence on other companies. 

The iPhone maker has been relying on Qualcomm for quite some time now for some of iPhones most vital components. Qualcomm being the market leader globally charges very high patent fees while still leaving all the control over the quality and speed to Qualcomm. 

The Cupertino giant is expected to turn away from Qualcomm and use its own custom built modems as soon as 2023. These will be manufactured by Tiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company who have been making Apple’s A series and the new M series processors for iPhone and Mac respectively. 

The custom build will be based on TSMC’s new 4 nanometer process and would save Apple millions of dollars in licensing fees. Apple is also working on its on radio frequency and millimetre wave components. 

We expect this new modem to come built into the newer A-series and maybe also the M-series chipsets making the entire architecture unified and providing better transmission speeds and network bandwidth. 

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