History of the smartphone

History of Smartphones: How the mobile phones evolved to the amazing modern age smartphones?

It took smartphones more than two decades to become a highly sophisticated and essential piece of our daily life.

Mobile phones started large and bulky with very little functionality. They were a luxury that only a few could afford. Today we have more than 70% of the global population using affordable smartphones that also have processing power thousands of times more than what the first generation could provide. Today’s smartphones are millions of times faster than the computer that took humans to the moon.

Before smartphones

Mobile phones were a luxury that could only make calls and send text messages. There existed another category of devices called personal organizers or personal digital assistant (PDA), used for business purposes these had a digital calendar, you could take notes and write emails.

Mobile phones then could merely be used for calling and did not serve any other function due to lack of processing power.

1992: The First Smartphone

IBM the biggest computer company in the 90s and wanted to expand its business in its quest for new tech that could fit into the company’s portfolio they decided to take a computer and shrink it down so it fits in your pocket. This idea started the project which later would be termed as the first true modern-day smartphone.


IBM revealed the device that can be called the first smartphone in 1992, a revolutionary device that was way beyond its time. It had a touch screen, and various apps such as an address book, a calendar, an appointment scheduler, a calculator, a world time clock, an electronic notepad, handwritten annotations, etc. This revolutionary device IBM was called Simons Personal Communicator.

The term smartphone didn’t exist then, but the IBM Simons is the first mobile device advanced enough to be called the first modern age smartphone.

1999: The age of Blackberry


Blackberry launched its first hardware device the Blackberry 850 in the year 1999. The BlackBerry 850 did fall in the category of two-way pager. The Blackberry was the largest smartphone manufacturer of the time. The company’s mobile phones provided features that no other manufacturer could provide, email on the go with great wireless network connectivity. Blackberry also had an instant messenger called the BBM a long before Whatsapp and others were even an idea. The Blackberrys also had super secure connectivity and messaging protocols making it a great choice for those who were worried about their confidential data being stolen from their devices. These features took Blackberry in hands of almost every Business customer across the globe.

2001: Mobile and the Internet

It took almost a decade to get a proper 3G connection to smartphones, in 2001 a mobile protocol was built to allow mobile devices to connect with the internet wirelessly. This allowed various new applications and features but these were again not for everyone. The price of the devices had been down but the cost of data was wasn’t worth it for most. Later as the prices of data started going down more and more people started using mobile internet.

2007: Apple & Steve Jobs Changed the World

In the year 2007, Steve Jobs unveiled one of the most influential smartphones in history, A device that defined what the future should look like, a device that reinvented mobile phones, the Apple iPhone. The iPhone was the sleekest touchscreen device ever made, it featured a large glass screen and a single button in the front.

When Apple revealed the iPhone, it received criticism from other mobile phone manufacturers calling the iPhone a gimmick and a waste of money. The press referred to it as a gamble. Five months later when the device hit stores, people lined up outside Apple Stores to get their hands on the future.


“Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything, Apple’s been very fortunate. It’s been able to introduce a few of these into the world. Well, today, we’re introducing three revolutionary products of this class. The first one is a wide-screen iPod with touch controls. The second is a revolutionary mobile phone. And the third is a breakthrough internet communications device. An iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator. An iPod, a phone … are you getting it? These are not three separate devices: This is one device, and we are calling it iPhone.” said Steve Jobs during the legendary keynote that gave the world the most influential piece of technology it ever had.

While the sales started to fall after most enthusiasts had bought the first iPhone, Apple realized that with so much screen real estate what apps could do was just limited by the imagination of the human brain. Apple launched the AppStore in 2008 one year after the iPhone launch giving users a way to install apps and go beyond what Apple provided. This new addition was one of the major reasons behind the iPhone being a massive hit in times to come.

Google follows with Android

While every major mobile phone company at the time was mocking Apple for the iPhone and its new touch screen keyboard and completely new user interface there was one company that knew Apple had made the future. Google was about to launch its first Android phone just a few months after the announcement of the Apple iPhone but seeing Apple unveil the iPhone on stage google knew it had to completely rebuild Android.

The device that almost made it to market was canceled and Google engineers got back to the drawing board, rethinking every aspect of its Operating System.

1*ft LlcE6Nyn51thiq4NtEg Smartphone

The HTC Dream released in 2008 became the first Android smartphone. The first Android gained criticism due to lacking features when compared to iOS and Blackberry but it was set to become one of the most famous operating systems in the world due to its open nature.

2021: Entire world just a click away

Today 14 years and 27 iPhones later, we can do almost everything with just a few clicks on the touchscreen. Today we do everything from reading news, chatting with friends and family, playing highly sophisticated games and listen to any song in the world, sending emails, and doing all sorts of business stuff.

The smartphone also gave rise to a new industry of apps that is now bigger than Hollywood. Smartphone along with cheaper mobile internet is now changing how everything works. It is changing entire industries and also building new industries such as ed-tech and video and music streaming.

Apple Sues Pegasus

Apple sues Pegasus spyware maker NSO group.

Israel based NSO group was in the news earlier this year for its spyware known as Pegasus was used by various governments to target activists, journalists and even the government’s own officials.

Apple Inc has sued the NSO Group to prevent any more abuse and harm to its users. The iPhone maker is also seeking a permanent injunction to ban the NSO Group from using any of Apple’s products, services and devices. 

To deliver the spyware attackers created Apple IDs to maliciously send data to victims’ device and install the spyware. Though the vulnerability is now fixed Apple claims that Apple’s services were misused to deliver FORCEDENTRY. Apple claims that none of their servers were hacked or compromised.

“Apple devices are the most secure consumer hardware on the market — but private companies developing state-sponsored spyware have become even more dangerous.” Said Craig Federeghi, Apple’s Senior VP of Software Engineering. 

Apple claims that Pegasus attack only impacted a very small number of iPhone and Mac users but the company takes these attacks very seriously and is continuously working on strengthening its security and privacy protections. 

Apple Event iPhone

iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, iPad, and iPad Mini: Everything new launched at the California Streaming Apple Event.

On Tuesday, September 14, Virtual Apple event in California unveiling the iPhone 13 series, the Apple Watch Series 7, new iPad, and iPad Mini. 

The iPhone 13

The new iPhone 13 series smartphones come with the new Apple A15 processor, a longer-lasting battery, camera improvements, and a massive 1 TB storage option on the Pro models. 

Apple iPhone 13 Pro New Camera System 09142021 Smartphone

The A15 processor which Apple claims is the “Fastest processor in any smartphone” will improve the iPhone 12 Series’ already great performance and will improve the machine learning abilities of the iPhone allowing it various advantages including real-time video analysis and providing video portrait mode and cinematic mode. 

The Pro lineup will also get 50% faster graphics, along with the Super Retina XDR display and Pro Motion to give a smoother and more immersive experience.

The lineup now also includes a longer-lasting battery giving a 1.5 hour longer life on the 13 Mini and 2.5hr longer life on the 6.1” iPhone. 

Apple iphone13 colors geo 09142021 Smartphone

Despite multiple rumors of an increase in the prices, Apple has managed to keep the price constant.

The smartphones will cost as follows:

iPhone 13 Pro Max -$1099 & (Rs. 1,29,900 in India)

iPhone 13 Pro -$999 & (Rs. 1,19,900 in India)

iPhone 13 -$799 & (Rs. 79,900 in India)

iPhone 13 mini -$699 & (Rs. 69900 in India)

The iPads

Apple at the September event surprisingly announced its new iPad and iPad mini. 

Apple iPad mini hero 09142021 Smartphone

The baseline iPad is powered by the Apple A13 chip making it 20% faster compared to the previous model. The update also brings a new 12MP ultrawide camera with Center Stage. 

The iPad mini now comes with the iPad Pro design language, with smaller bezels, rounded corners, and squared-off edges. The new iPad mini also gets new cameras, the Liquid Retina display, USB-C support, a magnetic connector for Apple Pencil, new and better speakers, and new colors.

Apple iPad 10 2 inch Ninth Gen 09142021 Smartphone

The iPad costs $329 (Rs 30,900 in India) for the 64GB storage option. The iPad mini starts at $429 (Rs 46900 in India ) with a similar 64GB storage option.

The Apple Watch

The company also unveiled its new Apple Watch Series 7 at this event. The Watch Series 7 is not much different functionally but does bring a ton of visual improvements. The watch now has a larger screen with smaller bezels. The edges according to Apple are now smoother and diffract light in a way that gives a more immersive experience using the watch. 

Apple watch series7 hero 09142021 Smartphone

The new display gives the user almost 20% more screen displaying 50% more text. The series 7 will also have a full keyboard allowing users to type by tapping the keys or by swipe.

The Series 7 starts at $399.

iPhone 14

iPhone 14 first look. Buy iPhone 13 or wait for the crazy new iPhone 14.

Famous Apple leaker and Youtuber Jon Prosser yesterday released images of what he claims is the Apple iPhone 14. Prosser in his YouTube video claims that he did see actual images of Apple’s 2022 flagship iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The device seems to have a major redesign and Apple seems to be borrowing the design from their past.

iPhone 14

The iPhone released look very much inspired by the iPhone 4s. The iPhone 14 will be a titanium body sandwiched between two slabs of glass. The render also shows no camera bump as the cameras are just as thick as the glass. The overall device is thicker but rumors also suggest the inclusion of a larger battery. The device has rounded buttons similar to the 4s and does still have a Lightning Port.

Apple has been using inspiration from their past products like the iMac colors and squared-off edges and the Cheesegrater Mac Pro. This trend is consistent in the products the California giant has produced in the past two years hence the leak makes a lot of sense. But it is very early and the design is subject to change.

Prosser has also made all the images available on his website FrontPageTech.com


We tried the iOS 15 Public Beta: Here is what’s new, exciting, and what went wrong.

Apple’s iOS 15 Public Beta is rolling out for those who signup for the Apple Beta Software Program. And it can be installed on supported iPhone Models today.

How To Install the iOS 15 Public Beta

To install the iOS 15 Public Beta users, need to register at the Apple Beta Software. If you own an eligible iPhone model you will be asked to install a configuration profile that would register the device for beta testing.

Now you will receive the public beta similar to regular over the air updates and can be install by going to Settings > General > Software Update and then choosing Download and Install.

Note the iOS 15 beta software does come with bugs and glitches hence it is recommended to only install the beta to a secondary phone and to create a backup before doing so.

What’s New

CFF8FCD8 2013 426B 9C9D 7007EB723EEA Smartphone

iOS 15 announced in WWDC back in June brought in improvement and new features to various parts of the iOS operating system. FaceTime now supports spatial audio, portrait mode, and a grid view and now also allowing Android and Windows users to join a facetime call. Apple also announced a feature called SharePlay that lets users watch movies & TV or listen to music or just share your screen with your friends and family completely in sync

iMessage in iOS 15 will now have a better way to manage photos and other multimedia sent and will also allow users easily find articles, photos, news, and more that are shared in the chat in the respective apps.

iOS notifications also get a completely new look with larger icons making the UI look more colorful and easier to recognise. A notification summary can be scheduled to give you a brief about all your notifications, letting you focus on what is really important and have a glance at the less important notifications later.

Apple now uses on device intelligence to allow Siri process all the speech recognition on device making it a lot faster, and a lot of your tasks can now be done without even an internet connection. The iPhone maker also used the on-device intelligence to add a new feature called Live Text that allows users to interact with text in photo as if it was types in, and this as the name suggests happens live.

Apple also added a lot of privacy related features using the on-device intelligence and various other modern protocols and methods to improve the Privacy and Security of the iPhone.

Bugs and Issues with the iOS 15 Public Beta

The Beta software is having various problems and bugs including various FaceTime issues, WiFi issues, Screen brightness problems, crashes, lags and problems with Apple’s own first party apps as well as third party apps. We recommend installing the beta software only on a secondary device and getting a backup of the entire device before you actually install the system.

How To Downgrade to iOS 14

The beta update will carry multiple bugs and if you need to just get back to the good old iOS 14, you can get back to the iOS 14.

To remove the beta install, you need to erase and restore your device, then you can recover all of your data from a backup you created before installing the beta.

  1. Make sure your computer has the latest version of macOS or latest version of iTunes.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer, then put your device in recovery mode.
  3. Click the Restore option when it appears. This erases your device and installs the current non-beta version of iOS. If the download takes more than 15 minutes and your device exits the recovery mode screen, let the download finish, then repeat step 2.
  4. Wait for the restore to finish. If asked, enter your Apple ID and password, which disables Activation Lock. 

You now have recovered your iOS 14 and your device is ready to be used.

2022 iPhone

iPhone 14 Max: 2022 iPhone will bring big screen for the masses.

Ming-Chi Kuo who has been pretty accurate with Apple related predictions, recently released an investor note in which he said he expects that the 2022 iPhone models will come with a new revamped line-up.

Kuo suggested that an affordable 6.7” model that would cost less than $900 might be coming next year. This phone would not be in the Cupertino giant’s Pro line-up of smartphone but would be a normal iPhone Max (not a Pro Max).

Apple did try with a smaller phone with the iPhone 12 Mini which gained a lot of appreciation for its small and one-hand friendly size but sales were below expectations.

2022 iPhone

Apple might still make a Mini phone this year with its upcoming iPhone 12s Series but the fate of the Mini doesn’t seem so good.

We could expect the company to replace the now Mini iPhone with the 6.7” iPhone Max model that would lie in a price bracket between the regular iPhone and the iPhone Pro. Currently Apple’s only 6.7-inch phone is the iPhone 12 Pro Max that costs a premium.

Kuo also expects the 2022 iPhone models to include a under display TouchID, and the higher end/ Pro models will come with 48-megapixel wide camera.

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iOS Files

How to use the iOS Files app with External storage devices, File Servers, and Cloud Storage Services.

If you own an iPad or iPhone, you probably already have Apple’s Files app installed. The files app on iOS and iPad not only is useful while managing files on your iPhone or on your iCloud storage but can also be used to access files of various other storage devices, file servers and cloud services. 

Connecting to a Computer or File Server

  1. Tap on the three-dot symbol at the top of the Browse screen. 
  1. Tap on Connect to Server. 
  1. Now enter your local hostname or network address, and then tap Connect
  1. Now you can select whether you want to connect as a guest or as a Registered user. To connect as a guest the server must allow guest connections, if you are registered you can use your username and password to connect to the server. 
  1. Tap next, now you will be connected to the file server and can access the Server from the Browse screen under the Shared section. 

To disconnect from the server, click on the Eject/Disconnect icon next to the server’s name.  

Using a cloud storage service from the files app

  1. To use a specific cloud storage service, firstly download the respective app from the App Store. 
  1. Now open your cloud provider’s app and complete the sign in and setup process following the on-screen instructions. 
  1. Open the Files app and go to the Browse screen, you can find your Cloud Storage under the Locations section. 

(If you can’t find your service under Locations, click on the three-dot icon on the top of the screen and tap Edit, now from the list of all available storage locations find your required location and tap on it to enable it.) 

Connecting to an external storage device.

  1. To connect to an external storage device such as USB Drive, SD card, external SSD/HDD, you will need necessary cables and adapters. 
  2. For USB drives, the device must have a single partition that is formatted in a supported file format such as FAT, FAT32, exFAT, or APFS. 
  3. You will find your device in the Locations section of the Browse screen in the files app. 

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Apple Car now has another big name from the auto industry working on it.

iOS 15

Here’s how you could get the new iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 today, but we do not recommend it.

iOS 15 was reveled at WWDC keynote 2021 and would be available publicly later this year with the upcoming iPhone 13 series devices.

Users can currently test the new update to iOS installing a developer beta but we do not recommend doing that. These developer betas are buggy and meant to be installed on secondary devices by developers to test their apps on the system that would come out later in the year.

iOS 15

Find out what’s new in iOS 15 here

Find out what’s new in iPadOS 15 here

How To Install the iOS 15/iPadOS 15

You need to register as an Apple developer if not already registered. You can register as a developer here.

  1. Create a backup of your supported iPhone and/or iPad on your PC or Mac in case you decide to downgrade back to a stable version. (Note the developer betas can be extremely buggy and we recommend having a backup before moving to next step.)
  2. After creating an backup open your web browser and head to Apple Developer Website.
  3. Go to the Downloads tab from the navbar.
  4. Swipe down and tap Install Profile next to your device type.
  5. Head to settings app on your device. Open Profile Downloaded near the top.
  6. Now tap Install and enter your passcode.
  7. Once you read the agreement and accept it tap install.
  8. Your iPhone/iPad will now require a restart.
  9. After the reboot head to Settings>General>Software Update.
  10. You can now see the new available as an OTA update. You can now update to the latest developer betas as they are available.


iOS 15

iOS 15 is a genius and has some really powerful new features

Apple announced the next generation of its flagship iOS operating system at WWDC 2021. The iOS 15 upgrade brings some powerful new features that elevate the experience of being connected. iOS 15 includes updates to FaceTime, new Focus features, updates to the Wallet, Weather, and Maps app, and a major update to iMessage and a lot better on-device intelligence. The new update though did not a UI revamp like a lot of people were expecting.

FaceTime and SharePlay

FaceTime Apple’s video calling/conferencing app got some major updates. FaceTime now supports Spatial Audio making you sound more natural and dynamic. The video calling app also adds new modes that let users separate their voices from the background, allowing the conversation to be a lot more clear and noise-free. iOS 15 also adds a new portrait mode to FaceTime which blurs the background and brings focus on the person.

iOS 15 Facetime

SharePlay allows users to share experiences in real-time with those who matter. Users can now live share music from the Apple Music app, watch movies and tv on the Apple TV+ app, or sharing your phone screen to share from other apps and websites, all in real-time sync so you can enjoy the content together. Apple also released a SharePlay API allowing third-party apps to be used with FaceTime.

Apple iPhone12Pro iOS15 FaceTime portraitmode 060721 Smartphone

Apple also now allows iPhone users to FaceTime their friends, family, and colleagues who use Android and Windows Devices using their web browser. (Note android and windows devices can not start a FaceTime call, they can only join one using the link shared to them)

New Notifications

Notifications on iOS have been a bit messed up earlier but Apple now claims to have made it a lot better.iOS 15 brings new redesigned notifications which now will have contact photos for people and larger icons for app notifications.

Apple iPhone12Pro iOS15 Notifications lockscreen 060721 1 Smartphone

Using on-device intelligence in iOS 15 notifications are arranged based on priority with messages from people notified at the top, and notifications that aren’t as important being added to a notification summary that can be read when you are free. These notifications are based on how and how much users react to an app.

A redesigned Safari experience

Safari now gets a one-hand usage-friendly UI that brings all the controls and also the Address bar at the bottom of the screen. This new bottom tab bar floats over the bottom when required and hides into a compact UI when not. Users can now swipe on the tabs bar towards left or right to go to the next or last tab. While on the latest tab swiping towards the left will open a new tab. The start page also is now customizable and users can save Tab groups which can be accessed through all their devices.


Apple iPhone12Pro iOS15 Focus 060721 Smartphone

iOS 15 brings a new system-wide filter that Apple calls Focus. Focus allows users to focus on notifications and apps based on what the user is doing. This feature works through iCloud on every Apple device. This feature uses on-device intelligence to allow notifications only from people and apps that are important at the moment.

Maps, Wallet, and Weather

Apple iPhone12Pro iOS15 maps navigation 060721 Smartphone
Apple iPhone12Pro iOS15 wallet ID 060721 Smartphone

Apple Maps in iOS 15 contains a significant amount of detail about cities, lanes, and over and under ways which can now be viewed in 3D with a beautifully designed 3D world. The Navigation UI shows a 3D view of the surroundings giving a better understanding of turn lanes, medians, bike lanes, crosswalks, etc.

Apple Wallet adds support for New Keys for a lot of third-party companies like Walt Disney World, Hayaat Hotels, etc along with car keys which were added last year. The wallet app can now also legally hold your IDs like Driver’s Licence in the participating US States.

The iOS 15 Weather app also gets a major UI revamp with new background animations and a lot more weather data that can be easily accessed and viewed in the Weather app.

On Device Intelligence, Live Text, Offline Siri, improved spotlight, and more.

Apple has always been promoting on-device intelligence unlike Google and others who keep pushing cloud-based processing.

Apple iPhone12Pro iOS15 Photos LiveText translate 060721 Smartphone

This genius iOS 15 allows the photos app to treat text in photos like traditional text, allowing users to directly select and copy text from photos. Users can also lookup about things in their surroundings using just the camera app and the crazy Apple Neural Engine.

Spotlight Now uses intelligence to search photos by location, people, scenes, or objects. Spotlight can also find text in photos and videos using Live Text. Spotlight search now also can search images on the web, and all-new rich results for actors, musicians, TV shows, movies, and music. Contacts in spotlight also get results from recent conversations, shared media, and location if they have shared it using Find My.

Apple iPhone12Pro iOS15 Spotlight Photo 060721 1 Smartphone

The photos app now integrates with the Apple Music service to create beautiful memories with perfect music from apple music, the on-device intelligence adjusts the pace of the memories to match the beats in the playing music.

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Top Posts

iPhone 13

We now know more about iPhone 13 than ever.

iPhone 13

Filip Koroy a.k.a EverythingApplePro with Max Weinbach released a ton of new leaks about the upcoming iPhone 13. And here is all we know about it.

New Colors:

The upcoming iPhone would release in all the major apple colors and new orange color is expected. Apple might also be working on a darker graphite color for the Pro iPhones.

EIS and Sensor-Shift Stabilisation:

Apple introduced the super cool Sensor-Shift technology along with the iPhone 12 series. although the only device using the tech is the iPhone 12 Pro Max the tech is expected to be in every upcoming iPhone model.
Apple is also working on a new tech called Electronic Image Stabilisation that would work across all frame rates and resolutions. Apple internally calls it Warp and Max believes is related to subject-tracking.


The iPhone 13 with multiple leaks and rumors confirms that a 1TB storage option is coming but only to the Pros.


The phone would use Apple’s upcoming A15 SoC which is supposedly built on TSMCs 5nm process and TSMC has already begun manufacturing the chipset.

Apple Wallet:

Apple is trying and working hard to get all the documents of the users to be digitized including Passports, Driving Licenses, etc.
These would be saved right into the Apple Wallet app.


Qualcomm has announced its upcoming X65 modem which is going to be featured in the upcoming iPhone 13 models. The new modem would improve battery efficiency and also add more ultrawide bands.
Apple is also about to launch the UltraWide band to iPhones sold outside the US.

With all the new leaks and rumors the iPhone 13 looks like it would be a great phone once released.