Softorino Folder Colorizer: The best way to keep your folders organised.

This is a sponsored review. While we are sponsored by Softorino for reviewing their software folder colorizer, we promise that this is a completely unbiased and honest review. 

Softorino Folder Colorizer

It is a unique tool that can help you keep all of your folders organised and help improve you productivity. It allows users to customise the look and feel of individual folder icons making them stand out and help differentiate.

Screenshot 2022 06 15 at 8.44.38 PM Folder Colorizer

The app not only allows users to change the colours of folders but also allows to add custom glyphs, emojis, as well as images on the folder icon.

Screenshot 2022 06 17 at 1.42.45 PM Folder Colorizer

The app also has something called a magic algorithm which gives you some of the most logical icons, images and emojis to use for a given folder.

The Folder Colorizer definitely increases productivity by allowing icons to visually indicate what they are meant to be.

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iPhone Self Service Repair

Apple is Going a New Direction: The Self Service Repair Announcement.

Apple Inc on Wednesday announced a “Self Service Repair” programme that lets customers repair their Apple device by themselves.

Customers that are comfortable with the process will have access to genuine Apple parts and tools and Documentation will be provided for the same. Beginning in 2022 Apple will start providing parts, tools and documentation for the iPhone 12 lineup and the iPhone 13 lineup. Later the same year Macs featuring Apple Silicone inside will get support for the Self Service Repair programme. 

The programme will be available beginning from the United States and will later expand to more countries.

This announcement comes as a result of the right to repair movement that has been gaining supporters globally. Apple seems to have taken a step back and is listening to what the customer wants first by bringing back ports to the MacBook Pro and then by providing users with everything they need to fix their own devices by themselves. 

This programme will initially only support screen, battery and camera related repairs which happen to be the three most common type of repairs at Apple Stores. Apple will be currently providing more than 200 individual parts and tools for performing these repairs. 

Customers can place order for these parts at the Apple Self Service Repair Online Store and can get the Repair manual on the website as well. Customers who return the used part for recycling will receive a credit towards their purchase. 

Apple said the programme is for people with knowledge and experience to repair electronic devices and the vast majority of people without any experience should prefer taking their devices certified repair shops as unexperienced customers could end up damaging the device even more. 

Apple has been considered as one of the biggest opponent to the right to repair movement and this Self Service Repair programme from Apple marks a major win of the movement. The Cupertino Giant being one of the most influential company in the world also now marks a shift through the Tech industry. 

Though just allowing screen, battery and camera might be a very small portion of repairs but still marks a massive win for the consumers as they now have an option to get their hands on fixing their Apple devices. 

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon brings Prime Video app to the Mac AppStore

Amazon on Monday introduced a native macOS app for its Prime Video streaming service, the app is now available on the Mac AppStore.

Users earlier only had access to the service through the web unlike smartphones or windows pcs where the Prime Video app was available. 

The app supports picture-in-picture as well as AirPlay and also it supports in-app purchase for TV rentals and on-demand content.

The service keeps track of what user has been watching and the show can be continued on different device from the point it was left.

The app is free to download but a prime subscription is required to use the service. 

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