Ohio wants Google Search to be declared as a public utility.


The Attorney-general of the US state of Ohio has recently filed a lawsuit that states that Google provides results in a way that prioritizes Google’s product even if some other result would have provided a better answer.

Estimates suggest that Google is responsible for more than 90% of the web searches and such immense power in hands-on one corporate is not good.

The state on 8th June asked the court to declare Google as a public utility. The state seeks to use a law that’s over a century old to regulate the companies search engine by applying a legal designation historically used for railroads, electricity, and the telephone to the search engine.

“When you own the railroad or the electric company or the cellphone tower, you have to treat everyone the same and give everybody access,” Attorney General Dave Yost said in a statement. If Google is declared as a Public utility it won’t be able to prioritize its own products over others.

A spokesperson of the California giant said that these measures would worsen the search results and would impair businesses’ ability to connect with users. He also stated, “This lawsuit has no basis in fact or law and we’ll defend ourselves against it in court.”

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