iPhone recovered Magsafe

We have seen iPhones been dunked in water for prolonged periods and still be unaffected and such incidents would no longer fascinate us, but now we have a new way to find the iPhones lost in waters, the Magsafe magnets in the back of the iPhone.

With iPhone 12 series Apple introduced a new way to attach accessories such as supported cases, wallets, wireless chargers, etc using a ring of powerful magnets present in the back of the iPhone. These unlocked a whole new market of accessories and a lot of new utilities.

Recently an iPhone 12 Pro had been rescued from a near-death situation in Berlin. Twitter user Frederik Riedel who is an app developer has shared a rather interesting use of the new Magsafe technology on the phone.

When his friend accidentally dropped his phone in the depths of Berlin Canals, Frederik Riedel kept searching for the iPhone and they did manage to find a Nintendo Switch but couldn’t find the phone.

Later they later came up with a rather ingenious trick to find the lost device. By connecting a powerful magnet to a fishing rod they did build a Magsafe Fishing rod. They did recover the device which was perfectly fine and did have almost 100% battery after hours of being in the canal.

iPhones have been pretty resilient to being underwater and now we have a new way to recover them. Patents suggest that Apple might be working to making the upcoming iPhone models completely waterproof. You can find out more about the upcoming iPhone 13 here.

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