Samsung Z Flip

Samsung expects a lot more of its new foldables will be sold this year.

Samsung has been the major player in the foldables market for some time now but it is to be noted that the market for these foldable devices is pretty small right now. But Samsung expects that this year it would be able to sell a lot more of these devices.

The upcoming Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 are according to leaks expected to be launched on August 27 in a Galaxy Unpacked Event.

It is reported that earlier this week Samsung has begun mass production for these upcoming Smartphones.

The South Korean giant made and sold just 1-2 million of these devices in the previous year but for it’s 2021 model the company expects sales that are lot higher than what foldables have ever seen. Reports suggest Samsung has ordered manufacturing 50,000-70,000 units a day for each device and a total of about 7 million of these devices are expected to be sold.

The higher quantities do hint at a more affordable price for the now extremely premium priced Foldable android phones. It also suggests that the conglomerate is now confident about this new form factor and is getting comfortable with spending more on these devices.

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