Instagram Reels will now have ads

Instagram last year added a new TikTok like feature that the company called Reels that allowed users to post short vertical videos. 

Instagram is all in for making Reels the biggest short video platform and has been adding various new features to the platform. The social media platform is also giving creators various reasons to prefer Instagram Reels over other similar video-sharing platforms.

The Facebook-owned company recently announced that it would pay creators for making and uploading to its Reels platform making it a much better platform for creators compared to others that have no such system.

Instagram Ads in Reels

Instagram will now include advertisements in its Reels. These adverts will be in a similar vertical, full-screen, short video format.

The social media app has been testing adverts in a few countries including India, Germany, and Australia. These ads will be visible wherever users can view reels, in the Reels tab, in stories, and in the user’s feed.

Instagram Reels Ads

Users can interact with these ads by liking, commenting, sharing, or saving them, these ads can be skipped.

Businesses can also add a call to action button for Shopping or various other purposes.

Digital advertising is Facebook Inc’s primary source of revenue and it isn’t surprising to see the company put adverts on multiple locations in its various social sharing platforms.