TikTok running on Windows 11

Microsoft surprised us by running Android Apps natively on Windows 11: Here’s how this exciting new feature works.

Microsoft recently launched Windows 11 but with a leaked copy already being out nothing at the launch event was really a surprise except Android App Support. Yeah, you read it right, You can now run Android apps natively on Windows.

Window s already has a very vast range of Apps for all types of stuff and this new feature gives users ability do a lot more from their Windows machine. Microsoft has partnered up with Intel to make use of Intel Bridge Technology that makes Android on Windows possible.

How Does all of this Work:

Android Apps on Windows are based on a something called Intel Bridge Technology. This is a runtime post-compiler that originally is a part of the company’s XPU strategy, and is not limited to android apps. This tech was developed to bring applications designed for various different hardware to the X86 platforms.

It is unclear how well would this work with AMD based devices however the Chip maker did say  “Intel believes it is important to provide this capability across all x86 platforms and has designed Intel Bridge technology to support all x86 platforms (including AMD platforms), However, Intel delivers platforms that result in an optimized experience making Windows platforms running on Intel Core processors the best choice.”

The Microsoft-Amazon app store.

Microsoft did team up with Amazon to bring the Amazon App Store to Windows and right into the Windows Store App. You can download all the Android apps you need directly from the store app.


Microsoft did a great work with Windows 11 and bringing Android apps to its own Operating System. The mobile app support for Windows on ARM and Windows machines with AMD chips is still a bit suspicious. How well these apps work is something we will find out once the beta versions of the system start rolling out.

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