Apple Event

Apple Event on September 14. Everything to expect from iPhone 13 to Watch 7.

Apple Event

Apple just announced its ‘California Streaming’ September event which will be the company’s highest-profile event as every year with the launch of the new series of the iPhone which is the company’s greatest product. The event will be digital-only like all other Apple Events since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic in 2019.

The invites include the phrase ‘California Streaming’, and an Apple logo in neon outline with a beautiful landscape background. The AR included in the invite is the neon Apple logo going into which a piece of music starts to play along with the text 9.14 which is the day of the Apple event i.e 9th of September.

The event’s major announcement will be the launch of the new iPhone 13 series. The Cupertino giant is also expected to launch the new Apple Watch Series 7 with a brand new design.

What to expect at the upcoming Apple event?

The iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 will bring in a new way to connect, the new smartphone will be able to connect directly to low orbit satellite to provide some sort of connectivity that would allow you to send messages and calls from whether you are in a jungle or middle of the ocean. The invites might also be suggesting this with the announcement from an unknown location in California.

The iPhone this year will also include a ProMotion 120hz display (only for Pro models), a new set of camera sensors, an astrophotography mode, a wider 5G spectrum, a slightly larger battery, and the new A15 Chipset. The prices of the device are expected to go up because Apple’s chip supplier TSMC has decided to raise its prices to handle the chip shortage.

Apple Watch Series 7

The Series 7 will be bringing the first major redesign in the history of the Apple Watch, Apple is expected to take the iPad Pro Retro Future design language with squared-off edges and rounded corners. The edges on the Apple Watch might not be as squared off as some of Apple’s other products considering that the device would be worn throughout the day and should be comfortable enough. The Watch will now also host larger screen sizes, 41mm and 45mm. It is unclear if new health and fitness sensors will be added to the Series 7 but Blood Sugar monitoring and Blood Pressure monitoring are both in rumors.

Other Products expected at the Apple event

The iPhone maker could also be expected to launch new iPads at this event but the chances of this happening are really low. We do expect a few new watch bands along with the new Apple Watch Series 7.

The name California Streaming might also be suggesting new updates to the Apple TV+ streaming service or maybe even the hardware (Just a guess, there have been no rumors about this lately. )

Apple held 3 separate events in the second half of last year marking the launch of iPads and Apple Watch, the iPhone, and the Mac. We can expect Apple events this year too considering the number of products that are already in the rumors. A special event is expected for the company’s Mac lineup where the much-awaited MacBook Pro would be launched.