Softorino Folder Colorizer: The best way to keep your folders organised.

This is a sponsored review. While we are sponsored by Softorino for reviewing their software folder colorizer, we promise that this is a completely unbiased and honest review. 

Softorino Folder Colorizer

It is a unique tool that can help you keep all of your folders organised and help improve you productivity. It allows users to customise the look and feel of individual folder icons making them stand out and help differentiate.

Screenshot 2022 06 15 at 8.44.38 PM Folder Colorizer

The app not only allows users to change the colours of folders but also allows to add custom glyphs, emojis, as well as images on the folder icon.

Screenshot 2022 06 17 at 1.42.45 PM Folder Colorizer

The app also has something called a magic algorithm which gives you some of the most logical icons, images and emojis to use for a given folder.

The Folder Colorizer definitely increases productivity by allowing icons to visually indicate what they are meant to be.

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