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iMac Pro: Going beyond Pro/Max?

Apple Silicone based iMac Pros might replace the current 27” iMac in the first half of 2022. The Pro moniker would be reserved only to the 27” model and would distinguish the 27” model from the 24” model.

These new machines will be available with the latest M1 Pro and M1 Max chipsets available with the MacBook Pros there will also be a newer more powerful chipset that will make the more expensive model. The device will also have a mini-LED display and will be launched in the first half of 2022. 

New Design:

The 2022 iMac Pro is expected to carry a brand new design with thinner bezels. These bezels will be black in color to distinguish the Pro line-up from the regular cheaper models. The iMac will also have a chin similar to the 24” iMac but would seem smaller due to the larger screen and a thicker overall body of the device. The device according to leaker Dylandkt the device would look a lot similar to the Pro Display XDR and the 24” iMac.

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Similar to the MacBook Pro and the iPad Pro the iMac Pro will have a mini-LED display that will allow the display to provide deeper blacks and brighter colors, this new technology that is also used in the Pro Display XDR will allow the iMac to work better with HDR and will allow for Pro Motion.

Pro Motion is the 120Hz adaptive refresh rate display technology that makes the screen look a lot smoother. 

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Some rumours suggest the screen size to go up in a similar fashion to the 21.5” iMac turning to 24” but according to display analyst Ross Young (who has a 100% accuracy according to AppleTrack) the screen size will remain unchanged. 

Going beyond Max

 The M1 Pro and M1 Max are pretty impressive chips but still lack behind the massive Intel i9 chip and the Radeon 5700XT that are available with the current iMac model. Going back to a leak from Mark Gurman from December 2020, Apple has been working on a 20 core CPU comprising of 16 high performance and 4 efficiency cores. This new 20 core CPU will also allow for a 128GBs of RAM unlike the current M1 Max which is capped at 64GB. 

The iMac Pro might still have models with the M1 Pro and M1 Max available for lower price and then the newer bigger CPU model which will likely cost significantly more. 

This can be backed by the fact that the MacOS Monterey has various references to multi-die SoC and the IRQ controllers on the M1 Pro and Max have a second half that is currently unused. This points to the 20 core SoC actually being 2 M1 Max put together.

This also means that the all-in-one will have double the number of video encoders and decoders, double the number of ProRes accelerators and double every of the highly specialised components.


The iMac Pro can be expected to have a similar port configuration to the current MacBook Pros and might also host a few more USB-C ports in the higher spec versions considering more available bandwidth due to presence of an extra M1 Max die. The desktop computer will also have an Ethernet port which can be expected to be present on the power adapter similar to the 24” iMac. 

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Although a definitive price isn’t out yet we can expect the price to range from $2000 for the M1 Pro upto $10,000 for a fully maxed out model. 

Going Pro

The 27” iMac is internally called the iMac Pro and the same is expected to be its official launch name. The Pro suffix will differentiate the device from the 24” iMac. This will allow Apple to market the device to a wider range of audience from self claimed Pros to Industry Professionals. 

Apple plans on announcing this new iMac Pro in the first half of 2022 which indicate to a March event that will also feature the launch of a new iPad Pro.

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