We tried the iOS 15 Public Beta: Here is what’s new, exciting, and what went wrong.

Apple’s iOS 15 Public Beta is rolling out for those who signup for the Apple Beta Software Program. And it can be installed on supported iPhone Models today.

How To Install the iOS 15 Public Beta

To install the iOS 15 Public Beta users, need to register at the Apple Beta Software. If you own an eligible iPhone model you will be asked to install a configuration profile that would register the device for beta testing.

Now you will receive the public beta similar to regular over the air updates and can be install by going to Settings > General > Software Update and then choosing Download and Install.

Note the iOS 15 beta software does come with bugs and glitches hence it is recommended to only install the beta to a secondary phone and to create a backup before doing so.

What’s New

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iOS 15 announced in WWDC back in June brought in improvement and new features to various parts of the iOS operating system. FaceTime now supports spatial audio, portrait mode, and a grid view and now also allowing Android and Windows users to join a facetime call. Apple also announced a feature called SharePlay that lets users watch movies & TV or listen to music or just share your screen with your friends and family completely in sync

iMessage in iOS 15 will now have a better way to manage photos and other multimedia sent and will also allow users easily find articles, photos, news, and more that are shared in the chat in the respective apps.

iOS notifications also get a completely new look with larger icons making the UI look more colorful and easier to recognise. A notification summary can be scheduled to give you a brief about all your notifications, letting you focus on what is really important and have a glance at the less important notifications later.

Apple now uses on device intelligence to allow Siri process all the speech recognition on device making it a lot faster, and a lot of your tasks can now be done without even an internet connection. The iPhone maker also used the on-device intelligence to add a new feature called Live Text that allows users to interact with text in photo as if it was types in, and this as the name suggests happens live.

Apple also added a lot of privacy related features using the on-device intelligence and various other modern protocols and methods to improve the Privacy and Security of the iPhone.

Bugs and Issues with the iOS 15 Public Beta

The Beta software is having various problems and bugs including various FaceTime issues, WiFi issues, Screen brightness problems, crashes, lags and problems with Apple’s own first party apps as well as third party apps. We recommend installing the beta software only on a secondary device and getting a backup of the entire device before you actually install the system.

How To Downgrade to iOS 14

The beta update will carry multiple bugs and if you need to just get back to the good old iOS 14, you can get back to the iOS 14.

To remove the beta install, you need to erase and restore your device, then you can recover all of your data from a backup you created before installing the beta.

  1. Make sure your computer has the latest version of macOS or latest version of iTunes.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer, then put your device in recovery mode.
  3. Click the Restore option when it appears. This erases your device and installs the current non-beta version of iOS. If the download takes more than 15 minutes and your device exits the recovery mode screen, let the download finish, then repeat step 2.
  4. Wait for the restore to finish. If asked, enter your Apple ID and password, which disables Activation Lock. 

You now have recovered your iOS 14 and your device is ready to be used.