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iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, iPad, and iPad Mini: Everything new launched at the California Streaming Apple Event.

On Tuesday, September 14, Virtual Apple event in California unveiling the iPhone 13 series, the Apple Watch Series 7, new iPad, and iPad Mini. 

The iPhone 13

The new iPhone 13 series smartphones come with the new Apple A15 processor, a longer-lasting battery, camera improvements, and a massive 1 TB storage option on the Pro models. 

Apple iPhone 13 Pro New Camera System 09142021 Apple Event

The A15 processor which Apple claims is the “Fastest processor in any smartphone” will improve the iPhone 12 Series’ already great performance and will improve the machine learning abilities of the iPhone allowing it various advantages including real-time video analysis and providing video portrait mode and cinematic mode. 

The Pro lineup will also get 50% faster graphics, along with the Super Retina XDR display and Pro Motion to give a smoother and more immersive experience.

The lineup now also includes a longer-lasting battery giving a 1.5 hour longer life on the 13 Mini and 2.5hr longer life on the 6.1” iPhone. 

Apple iphone13 colors geo 09142021 Apple Event

Despite multiple rumors of an increase in the prices, Apple has managed to keep the price constant.

The smartphones will cost as follows:

iPhone 13 Pro Max -$1099 & (Rs. 1,29,900 in India)

iPhone 13 Pro -$999 & (Rs. 1,19,900 in India)

iPhone 13 -$799 & (Rs. 79,900 in India)

iPhone 13 mini -$699 & (Rs. 69900 in India)

The iPads

Apple at the September event surprisingly announced its new iPad and iPad mini. 

Apple iPad mini hero 09142021 Apple Event

The baseline iPad is powered by the Apple A13 chip making it 20% faster compared to the previous model. The update also brings a new 12MP ultrawide camera with Center Stage. 

The iPad mini now comes with the iPad Pro design language, with smaller bezels, rounded corners, and squared-off edges. The new iPad mini also gets new cameras, the Liquid Retina display, USB-C support, a magnetic connector for Apple Pencil, new and better speakers, and new colors.

Apple iPad 10 2 inch Ninth Gen 09142021 Apple Event

The iPad costs $329 (Rs 30,900 in India) for the 64GB storage option. The iPad mini starts at $429 (Rs 46900 in India ) with a similar 64GB storage option.

The Apple Watch

The company also unveiled its new Apple Watch Series 7 at this event. The Watch Series 7 is not much different functionally but does bring a ton of visual improvements. The watch now has a larger screen with smaller bezels. The edges according to Apple are now smoother and diffract light in a way that gives a more immersive experience using the watch. 

Apple watch series7 hero 09142021 Apple Event

The new display gives the user almost 20% more screen displaying 50% more text. The series 7 will also have a full keyboard allowing users to type by tapping the keys or by swipe.

The Series 7 starts at $399.

iPadOS 15

iPadOS 15 isn’t getting the Pro Apps but it isn’t a bad update after all.

iPadOS 15

We expected iPadOS 15 to support Mac as now the iPad Pro uses the same chip as Apple’s Desktop computers. At WWDC when iPadOS was announced we were disappointed as the support for Mac apps was not announced but it is still a pretty solid update.

iPadOS 15 makes the iPad much more intuitive to use, with better multitasking, a new home screen, redesigned Safari, Quick Note, SharePlay, and More.

The iPad is now even more like a Computer with even more features and keyboard shortcuts. Here is everything that was announced for the iPad.

Multitasking and new Keyboard Shortcuts

Apple has a new multitasking menu at top of the apps, this menu will show options for various styles of multitasking including Split View and Slide Over. After selecting an option users will be given quick access to the home screen while the open app will slide to one side and users can select what other app they want to use.

Apple iPadPro iPadOS15 mail notes multitasking splitview 060721 Apple Event

A new shelf also allows users to multitask within different windows of the same app, for supported apps like Safari and Mail.

When using an external keyboard the entire experience is again elevated by new keyboard shortcuts for various multitasking modes and tasks.


Apple iPadPro iPadOS15 springboard widgets 060721 Apple Event

Widgets on iPad can now be placed anywhere on the home screen and Apple has also introduced a new larger Widget size specifically for the large iPad display. These give a pinch of added personalization to the Home Screen.

App Library

The iPadOS 15 also comes with a library that automatically organizes all your apps into categories such as Productivity, Games, Finance, recently added, etc.

The iPad App Library can be accessed using the App Library icon present in the dock.

iPadOS 15 App Library Apple Event

Quick Note

iPadOS 15 allows users to take down notes faster than ever. A swipe in from the corner to bring in a quick note overlay where you can take down your notes. This quick note can be accessed system-wide over any app for instant note-taking.

Apple iPadPro iPadOS15 QuickNote Safari 060721 Apple Event

Notes also has new ways to organize notes using hashtags. better collaboration using mentions where you can mention anyone collaborating on the note to give them a Ping and notify them about them being mentioned.

FaceTime and SharePlay

Similar to iOS 15, iPadOS 15 brings new features to FaceTime which make the experience a lot better. Spatial Audio, background noise cancellation, grid mode, and more. Read more about the new FaceTime features here.

Apple iPadPro iPadOS15 FaceTime groupfacetime 4person 060721 Apple Event


Apple has a new Safari UI for iPadOS 15, with tabs at the extreme top and address bar present right in the open tab. New Safari looks sleek and beautiful. A new Tab Groups feature lets users create various groups of tabs that can be synced across their iCloud devices. Safari now also supports extensions that are available on the App Store.


Focus is Apple’s configurable do not disturb filter, it can filer out and show you only the notifications that are related to what you are doing at the moment.

For example, when you are at work Focus will only show you notifications related to your work, and messages from your colleagues. Focus uses on-device intelligence to filter out the right notifications and suggest you people and apps to follow at the moment.

Live Text, memories, and photos.

Apple has been working on its on-device AI for a long time now and now your idevice can read text from a photo naturally and you can even copy text from a photo. You can click on a phone number on a photo to directly call the number. Click on a website link to open the page in Safari and more.

The Memories section on the photos app also gets a major upgrade. Your iPad can now create beautiful memories with just the right song from Apple Music subscription service. Your photos and videos are automatically synced with the beats of the song.

Spotlight can now search in photos as well as use live text to search text in photos.

Swift Playground

The biggest update in the iPadOS 15 from a developer point of view is that you can now develop iOS and iPadOS apps right in the Swift Playground app and directly submit your app to the App Store, while coding you can see a live preview of the app, and users can also run their apps full screen to test them.

Universal Control

Universal control is a great feature that lets you use a single mouse and keyboard across your iPad and Mac with absolutely no setup required. It also allows users to drag and drop files from one device to another.

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