M2 MacBook Air design renders by Jon Prosser

The MacBook Air will be getting a crazy new design refresh in 2022.

Supply chain analysts, Ming-Chi Quo recently released a new analyst note suggesting that a new MacBook Air might be coming soon. Kuo’s note said that the new MacBook Air will be available in a new form factor and multiple colors he also suggested that this new redesign is to be expected in the mid 2022. These details provided by Kuo line up with details provided by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and the renders by Jon Prosser.

According to the note, The new MacBook Air will come with a “Brand new design” with a form factor that will line up with Apple’s squared sides and rounded corners design language. This MacBook will feature a flat top and bottom with flat sides. It will also come with a Mini-LED display supplied by Chinese manufacturer BOE and a faster new Apple Silicon Chip (the M2…maybe).

Kuo said he does not confirm if the current M1-based model will be discontinued after the new redesigned M2 MacBook Air hits the market. If the current model is discontinued that would mean the Upcoming model could come at the same $999 price tag if the M1 model continues it might get a price cut and the newer model could be a bit more expensive sitting at $1099-$1299.