Apple Watch and Apple Clinic

Apple Watch, Apple Clinic, and Apple doctor together sound so cool.

Apple has been working for years testing the companies own primary healthcare clinics. Testing with its employees the Cupertino giant was later wanted to provide these services to its users.

The focus later shifted towards its Apple Watch and the healthcare features it carries. The smartwatch made Apple a major player in the healthcare sector and soon after Apple released its watch in 2015 Apple started testing offering healthcare services from its company-owned healthcare clinics and hospitals.

After the company’s smartwatch started collecting an infinite amount of health data, Apple’s COO Jeff Williams reportedly wanted Apple to revolutionize the Healthcare sector.

Jeff reportedly called the current health care system a break-fix, where people only visited when they were suffering from illness and know something is wrong.

Apple reportedly took over multiple healthcare clinics and started testing out the idea with its employees, with data collected from the Apple Watch the clinics could provide a way better analysis of the patient and provide an overall better healthcare system. Hiring Dr. Sumbul Ahmed Desai of Stanford University in 2017 Apple started its Project Casper. 

Dr. Desai and Project Casper play a major role in Apple’s healthcare related projects and have been the key to HealthKit and various Apple Watch health features. 

Apple Watch

The testing hasn’t completely stopped and Apple might still make this a reality but for now the company has stalled the project and more focus is brought to developing and improving the Apple Watch. 

Thought there have been a few controversies within employees about the methodology and claims that the data is compiled inaccurately.

Dr. Desai’s team continues to be involved in various of Apple’s health ventures, and we would have to wait to find out whether these clinics ever become a reality.

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