GitHub and OpenAI awesome Project an AI Copilot tool that generates code for you

GitHub and OpenAI have launched a technical preview of a new AI tool called Copilot, which lives inside the Visual Studio Code editor and autocompletes code snippets.

AI-powered pair programmer that collaborates with people on their software development projects, suggesting lines or entire functions as the coder types.

GitHub Copilot integrates directly with Visual Studio Code. You can install it as an extension or use it in the cloud with GitHub Codespaces. Over time, the service should improve based on how you interact with GitHub Copilot. As you accept and reject suggestions, those suggestions should get better.

The new GitHub and Copilot feature also leans heavily on a collaboration with OpenAI, the AI research company that GitHub parent Microsoft invested $1 billion in last year (more info). Copilot, though, uses a new AI system called OpenAI Codex, which is touted as “significantly more capable than GPT-3 in code generation,” according to a GitHub blog on 29th June.

Github copilot

In order to figure out what you’re currently coding, GitHub and openai Copilot tries to parse the meaning of a comment, the name of the function you are writing, or the past couple of lines. The company shows a few demos on its website


It is worth noting that GitHub Copilot is not designed to write code on behalf of the developer; it’s more about helping developers by understanding their intent. GitHub also gives no guarantees that the code it generates will even work, as it doesn’t test the code. This means that it may not compile properly. So there are some risks, but it’s still very early days for Copilot.

More from Microsoft                                                                                            Windows 11 is real now!                                                                                            Run Android App in Windows


Microsoft just announced its beautiful new Windows 11 and it definitely feels like the next generation of Windows.

June 24, 2021, 8:30 pm IST Microsoft announced what it calls the ‘Next Generation of Windows’ a.k.a the Windows 11. The new Operating System comes with a completely rebuilt UI and a whole new way to do things.

The so-called Windows 11 under the hood is mostly the same Windows 10 but with a whole lot of improvements that make the overall user experience way better than what Windows 10 could deliver.

Reimagined Design

Windows 11 comes with a beautiful new UI that is different in every aspect. A new centered taskbar with centered icons and a Start Menu that comes in to the center are the first changes you would notice in the Windows.

Windows 11

The Start Menu on the Windows 11 is centered and now a lot simpler visually when compared to the ugly and complex start menu of the previous OS. The live tiles are no more and are replaced by a section of pinned App icons. Below this pinned apps section lies a recents section that shows all your recent files and documents for easy access.

The centered taskbar clearly gets its inspiration from macOS and Chrome OS with primary focus on icons and little to no text on the bar.

The entire OS now comes with rounded corners making the ui look more modern and fluid.

This new design language spans across the system making it a lot more consistent and uniform.

Screenshot 2021 06 25 at 00 47 22 Microsoft Windows Event Watch the June 24 LIVE stream Windows 11

The new interface also extends the Acrylic backgrounds a lot more areas in apps.

Performance and Gaming

Windows 11 has a major focus on performance with support for direct storage allowing Major improvements to speed.

Direct storage there is a major feature hired from Xbox. Direct storage will require latest NVMe drives to speed up app and game load times.

WIN Xbox Game Pass 16x9 en US 1 1024x576 1 Windows 11

For gaming Microsoft now has a new Xbox app that integrates Xbox game pass right into windows, Allowing users to stream games right from the Xbox app.

Microsoft announced DirectX 12. Games running on DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 will support auto HDR allowing Windows to enhance graphics of the game you’re playing.

Windows widgets

Microsoft has added a new icon to the taskbar  Labelled as widgets. These new windows widgets provide information you need and want through a beautiful set of  tiles that slide in with one click.

The Widget section also hosts latest news stories from Microsoft news.

WIN Widgets Light Theme 16x9 en US 1 1024x576 1 Windows 11

All New Microsoft Store.

Microsoft has redesigned the Microsoft Store from the ground up. The new store app comes with new and beautiful UI. This new store is more open than ever allowing developers to submit their apps with their own commerce solution and technologies they choose.

Store Home Standalone 1 1600x900 1 Windows 11

Android Apps

Windows 11 now natively supports Android Apps, using Intel Bridge Technology to run the apps and  integrating the Amazon AppStore directly into Microsoft Store to access thousands of Android Applications directly from Microsoft Store.

Android Collection 1024x683 1 Windows 11

When Will I be able to download Windows 11

Well Microsoft hasn’t announced a particular date for when will Windows 11 be available to the public.  By the end of the year is what was told by Microsoft but we can definitely understand if the update gets pushed back due to Covid-19 and WFH situation.

We expect it to come out by October along with new hardware for Microsoft, Dell, Hp and all others.


Even though Microsoft broke its promise about Windows 10 being the last Windows. Windows as a Service lives hence all Windows 10 users will be getting a free upgrade to Windows 11 if using a supported machine that meets the minimum requirement.

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Windows 11

Windows 11 got leaked: and it’s basically the minimalist Windows 10x for single screen PC.

Just a week before it’s official launch on the 24th of June screenshots of Windows 11 are leaked by Chinese website Baidu. Now the entire OS is available online. All with the new user interface, a new start menu, and more.

The Windows 11 looks very similar to that Microsoft showcased for it’s Windows 10x OS which was to first seen on Microsoft’s Surface Neo. This update looks a lot like the new Windows 11 is inspired from the latest macOS.

Microsoft has updated icons from across the OS with more Fluent design icons. 

The start menu is just what we expected with the Windows 10X like app icons and recents, shortcuts and a quick menu to shutdown or restart. The new start is a lot simplified and does drop the Live Tiles.

The Start along with other taskbar icons is centered but can be shifted to the left if user prefers. 

Microsoft is now back to using rounded corners across the system and does also include the dark mode. 

Windows now also has a new icon in the taskbar that is labelled as Widgets, this works similar to widgets in macOS, sliding in from the side when required. These widgets include quick look and access to news, weather, and other web content.

Windows 11 has new controls to snap the window to different locations on the screen that can be accessed through the maximise button from the app window. 

Microsoft was working on a Windows 10X for dual screen devices which later was said to even come to regular laptops but after it was canceled now Microsoft is clearly using a large part of the system in the Windows 11. 

This new leak does look a lot more like a refined version of the Windows 10 OS than a new OS because that is what it is. Many of the system apps in this build are same windows 10 apps but this is a very early build and most of the apps including the new Microsoft Store are expected to come soon.