New milestones and the future for Apple Inc with $3,000,000,000,000 Market cap


On Monday, Apple became the first company to ever touch the $3 trillion market cap mark. The company achieved this feat with its stock price hitting $182.86.

Apple Inc has almost tripled it’s valuation in the last four years. Just for reference the iPhone maker is bigger than Netflix, Starbucks, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Walt Disney Co, Walmart, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, and PepsiCo combined. By size of market cap Apple is followed by Microsoft, Alphabet, Saudi Armco and then Amazon. 

Apple is currently the richest corporation in the world with cash reserves greater than all of Indian IT Companies put together. The market capitalisation of Apple is currently smaller than the GDP of only 4 countries including the likes of India, USA, China, Japan and Germany. 

The Future for Apple:

AR & VR will be playing major roles in future for the company, The iPhone maker is planing on bringing a VR Headset to the market in 2022 and AR glasses would be following in a couple of years. These products are expected to replace the iPhone and take the company to a new direction. Wearables have been a growing business for the company and would be an area for growth even in the future.

Project Titan or the Self driving car will be another major industry that the Cupertino giant will be entering. The company will be entering the automotive industry trying to change how the industry works. The Project Titan has been showing up in rumours repeatedly in the past year. The Apple Car is expected to be released in 2024 or 2025. 

The company brought it’s custom silicon architecture to the Mac recently and has brought in a lot of expectations from the future of the Mac lineup.