Windows 11

Windows 11 got leaked: and it’s basically the minimalist Windows 10x for single screen PC.

Just a week before it’s official launch on the 24th of June screenshots of Windows 11 are leaked by Chinese website Baidu. Now the entire OS is available online. All with the new user interface, a new start menu, and more.

The Windows 11 looks very similar to that Microsoft showcased for it’s Windows 10x OS which was to first seen on Microsoft’s Surface Neo. This update looks a lot like the new Windows 11 is inspired from the latest macOS.

Microsoft has updated icons from across the OS with more Fluent design icons. 

The start menu is just what we expected with the Windows 10X like app icons and recents, shortcuts and a quick menu to shutdown or restart. The new start is a lot simplified and does drop the Live Tiles.

The Start along with other taskbar icons is centered but can be shifted to the left if user prefers. 

Microsoft is now back to using rounded corners across the system and does also include the dark mode. 

Windows now also has a new icon in the taskbar that is labelled as Widgets, this works similar to widgets in macOS, sliding in from the side when required. These widgets include quick look and access to news, weather, and other web content.

Windows 11 has new controls to snap the window to different locations on the screen that can be accessed through the maximise button from the app window. 

Microsoft was working on a Windows 10X for dual screen devices which later was said to even come to regular laptops but after it was canceled now Microsoft is clearly using a large part of the system in the Windows 11. 

This new leak does look a lot more like a refined version of the Windows 10 OS than a new OS because that is what it is. Many of the system apps in this build are same windows 10 apps but this is a very early build and most of the apps including the new Microsoft Store are expected to come soon.