Microsoft Announces Windows 365, A subscription based cloud PC to carry your windows wherever you go.

Microsoft today announced a new subscription based cloud service that lets you run Windows 11 on the cloud. This new service is built entirely for enterprise and will not be available for consumers. This service is similar to the Xbox Cloud Gaming service but built for productivity and business.

Now we would require a PC to run the Windows 365 so why use it? We’ll this allows users to store apps, files and documents making them available on any device, anywhere just the way they want it. It will be available on devices including Windows PC, Linux Machines, on tablets and even on Macs through the browser. The service takes advantage of Microsoft’s Azure Virtual PC.

The Windows 365 cloud PC can run all of the Microsoft 365 apps as well as any other app that can be installed on a regular Windows machine. 

Windows 365

“Windows 365 takes the operating system to the Microsoft Cloud, securely streaming the full Windows experience—including all your apps, data, and settings—to your personal or corporate devices. This approach creates a fully new personal computing category, specifically for the hybrid world: the Cloud PC.” said Wangui McKelvey, General Manager, Microsoft 365.

A major advantage of this type of solution is it makes the task to managing employee machines easier. This also lets employees work from home from the Windows they use for work. 

Windows 365 will be available from August 2, in two different versions, Enterprise and Business. The pricing for the subscription will be per user, per month based depending on the size of installation. 

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